Desktop milling machine-automatic machine for precision surface preparation of samples for spectral analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
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Desktop milling machine-automatic machine for precision surface preparation of samples for spectral analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The machine "SPP-30" is designed for rapid and precision processing (sharpening) of the surface of samples, GSO and SOP of cylindrical shape (and other forms fixed in a vise), used in atomic emission and X-ray spectral analysis of non-ferrous metals and alloys based on aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, tin, beryllium, magnesium, titanium, zirconium, manganese, platinum, gold, silver, cadmium, etc.on the plane with the specified allowance. It is also possible to process most steel grades, with the exception of hard-alloy ones. 

The use of the machine allows you to ensure the accuracy of the analysis according to the standards of GOST standards for spectral analysis methods. The machine is designed specifically for laboratories of spectral and X-ray spectral analysis to work on it for laboratory assistants who do not have high qualifications or special permits to work with machines.

Advantages of the device:

  • Easy to handle. The laboratory assistant only needs to install the sample, close the lid and start it. All other actions related to turning on the engine , moving the carriage during processing , stopping the carriage and the engine at the end of processing, the machine performs automatically.
  • Convenient and fast adjustment of processing modes for different types of metals.
  • Removal of the bulk of the chips from the processing area outside the machine, in a special container.

    SPP-30 technical characteristics

    Main technical characteristics:

    Dimensions of processed samples, GSO, SOP, mm (length / diameter): 5 ÷ 60/10 ÷ 110
    Roughness of the machined surface Ra (μm) 6,3 ÷ 3,2
    Cutting depth (allowance), mm 0.05 ÷ 1.0
    Processing time, sec 20 ÷ 60
    Engine speed control, rpm (smooth / discrete): 300 ÷ 3000/600, 1500, 3000

    Single-phase supply voltage, 220V 50 Hz
    Compressed air, atm. 3
    Power consumption, kW 0.8
    Machine weight (without packaging), kg 60
    Overall dimensions (no more), mm3 660x550x320

    Four sets of carbide cutting inserts for milling cutter
    Small compressor (optional)
    Trolley table (optional)

    The introduction of the machine will allow

  • Improve the metrological characteristics of the analysis and ensure their compliance with the requirements of GOST for various materials
  • Eliminate sample misalignment, achieve high repeatability of sample re-installation / CO in the grip
  • Reduce the duration of spectral monitoring
  • Improve the reliability of the sample analysis result
  • Improve the reliability of spectrometers, spectrographs, and X-ray machines
  • Significantly increase the safety of personnel, since the sharpening is performed in a closed chamber with a mechanical attachment of the sample/CO and lid lock
  • Use the remains of GSO and SOP with a height of 4-5 mm by "welding or gluing" them to brass samples of the same diameter as with a height of 30-40 mm
  • Instructions for use

    # The company that uses the device
    1 JSC "ROSATOM", cold processing plant
    2 IP Muravyov, factory
    3 ISA LLC, metal analysis shop