Emission spectrometer MCA II V5 Hybrid

Emission spectrometer MCA II V5 Hybrid

Emission spectrometer MCA II V5 Hybrid
Emission spectrometer MCA II V5 Hybrid
Emission spectrometer MCA II V5 Hybrid
Emission spectrometer MCA II V5 Hybrid
The MSAII V5 Hybrid optical emission spectrometer combines the capabilities of the MSAII V5 desktop spectrometer and the mobile "Minilab SL" in the analysis of large samples (without cutting off the sample).

The device is designed to solve the problems of determining the composition of metals and alloys for input control, analysis during the melting process, after the release of finished products, sorting and disassembling of metal

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The MSAII V5 Hybrid optical emission spectrometer combines the capabilities of the MSAII V5 desktop spectrometer and the mobile "Minilab SL" in the analysis of large samples (analysis of large parts without cutting off the sample).

Specific, often quite complex conditions on the objects dictate their own rules of research. In accordance with this, we have created the most convenient, lightweight, non-volatile spectrometer that adequately responds to all changes and changes in the working environment, quickly and easily configured. The resulting express conclusion is equivalent in quality to the results obtained using long and expensive laboratory methods. In addition, our "Minilab SL" compares favorably with X-ray analyzers with its unique ability to identify light elements, such as carbon, magnesium, aluminum, without the knowledge of which the correct sorting of steels and other alloys becomes impossible.

Tasks for the mobile spectrometer

  • resorting of metals by brand in the warehouse, as a result, the object will be an exemplary order; prompt assessment of the cost of secondary metal immediately on the spot even before payment;
  • reducing the probability of error in determining the brand, even with an extensive number of similar products;
  • instant identification of any branded and certified metal, alloy, etc.;
  • arrangement of the charge before melting to save additional alloying elements and, at the same time, getting into the brand.
Design features of the device "Minilab SL" consists of two parts: an optoelectronic unit and a gun-probe, which are connected to each other through a special connector by a cable with a light guide. It is equally well powered by a car battery and by a conventional AC power supply. Comfortable movement of the device is possible thanks to the movable trolley on which all the composite blocks are installed. It functions by purging the chamber with air or argon.

Note: since 2007, the product has been equipped with a power corrector, which allows it to operate at a voltage of 180-240 V. Important additions are: a lightweight pistol, a flexible table that transforms it into a universal desktop device. The metal grade can be determined automatically, thanks to modern software.

Main characteristics of the MSAII V5 Hybrid spectrometer

Polychromator No. 1 (175 -410)nm (filled with argon Runge Paschen scheme with astigmatism compensation with radius R=500mm, rifled grid 2400 shtr/mm, obr lin.dispersion 0.8 nm / mm 
Polychromator additional 400-800) nm (optional) Paschen Runge scheme with astigmatism compensation with radius R=150mm, grid 1800 shtr/mm, obr lin dispersion 0.55 nm / mm 2.4 nm/mm
Source of excitation of the spectra  SRL-discharge spark generator with controlled parameters of the discharge circuit of 256 modes, built-in power corrector, operating at a mains voltage of 160-245 V.
Light receivers  Toshiba CCD rulers Quantity of 10 pcs of 3648 pixels each
Software Software for the quantitative analysis of the chemical composition, for the qualitative analysis of materials by their spectrum, for the automatic determination of the brand.

- with argon purge

- 3m probe gun

Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz operation from 180 to 240 V is possible
Dimensions and weight  400*530*708 mm; 65 kg


The software "G R A D" is designed to control the operation and process the measurement results


  • Methodological part for rapid development of analysis methods
  • Library of reference materials
  • Regression apparatus for calculating graphs
  • Routine analysis
  • Archive part
  • "METROLOGY" for automatic data preparation for certification of measurement methods and verification of the spectrometer.


  • The software is focused on a specific consumer (we can change it for your tasks, your reporting forms). There are 2 levels of work:
    - for routine analysis. The software is designed for laboratory technicians and insures against the simplest errors (automatic correction input, recording of all roasts carried out by the laboratory assistant for subsequent control, etc.). 2-3 days are enough for training to work with this part of the laboratory assistant;
    - for the development of analysis techniques by engineers of various qualifications; this part of the software involves your participation in the adaptation of the software to solve your problems with the payment of your intellectual labor. The software dramatically accelerates the process of developing analysis methods and allows you to increase the efficiency of qualified personnel.
  • The software is universal, successfully used for working with both optical emission and X-ray spectrometers. This allows you to lay the foundations for creating a single computer network within a laboratory, laboratory, plant or institute with a single database on the chemical composition of samples.
  • The software is supplied by the organization in a comprehensive manner, while it offers electronic tools of its own design for connecting a PC to spectrometers, training in working with software and computer skills is provided for those who first sat down at the PC keyboard, and service of devices is offered.


  • the ability to immediately obtain a firing curve for 1 firing (depending on the time of intensity of any analytical line, which allows you to immediately select the optimal firing times and exposure);
  • taking into account the effect of base dilution, which is especially important when analyzing high-alloy steel grades, alloys with a wide variation of components;using several different comparison lines at once in a simultaneous analysis;
  • setting separate firing and exposure times for each channel;
  • control of products by material BRANDS and by CONVERGENCE STANDARDS;
  • automatic selection of the model of the system of regression equations taking into account the inter-element influence by the generalized step regression method with automatic or at the operator's instruction introduction of the probabilities of inclusion and exclusion of influencing factors by the method of all regressions (the Hawking-Leslie algorithm)
  • checking the quality of the selected model, analyzing the residuals;
  • possibility of one-and two-point intensity correction to compensate for graph drift;
  • possibility of correction by concentration (automatic input of corrections by SOP or GSO of a specific brand of material, simultaneous storage of corrections for different brands);
  • a convenient system for rejecting erroneous analyses (including rejection for individual elements while preserving data for other elements in a given exposure);
  • output of data in any user-friendly form on the display, printing, including on a remote display (display in the shop);
  • easy connection to the computer network of the enterprise, as well as directly to the workshop;
  • storage of analysis data in the archive with the possibility of monitoring the quality of operators ' work;
  • complex "METROLOGY" - an automatic data preparation system for determining metrological characteristics (indicators of convergence, reproducibility, accuracy of analysis) with the appointment of operational control standards and for preparing data for the certification of measurement methods and verification of SI.

We hope that our software will be a step forward in the development of your laboratory, your personal abilities, and make your work error-free.

This device is used in such industries as: 

  • Metallurgy
  • Heat Treatment
  • Metalworking
  • Emission spectrometer MCA II V5 HybridEmission spectrometer MCA II V5 HybridEmission spectrometer MCA II V5 HybridEmission spectrometer MCA II V5 HybridEmission spectrometer MCA II V5 Hybrid
    Instructions for use

    # The company that uses the device
    1 JSC "ROSATOM", cold processing plant
    2 IP Muravyov, factory
    3 ISA LLC, metal analysis shop