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  • Device for argon purification and other technical gases "Epishur-A SL"

Device for argon purification and other technical gases "Epishur-A SL"

"Epishur-A SL" — a series of autonomous device designed for fine purification and drying of such technical gases as argon, helium, nitrogen and hydrogen.

The device "Epishur-A SL" is an effective means of obtaining really pure gases and can be used to solve a wide range of research and production tasks that require a clean inert environment or a given gas composition in sealed chambers (boxes), process devices and rooms.

 It is used in work with absorption, optical emission spectrometers and other devices that use an inert gas as:
  • plasma gas in spectrometers with CRL, ICP and microwave discharge;
  • carrier gas in chromatography,

as well as a protective environment:

  • when arc, plasma or laser welding;
  • when growing crystals of germanium and silicon;
  • in semiconductor manufacturing.

Currently, laboratory and manufacturing practice places very high demands on the purity of process gases. During the operation of device with protective means, they are continuously polluted with air and other active gases, which penetrate through system leaks or are released as a result of technological processes. These circumstances necessitate the acquisition of this equipment with device for high degree of gas purification.

The purchase ofEpishur-A SL in OOO "Spectral Laboratory" will provide your company with a proven product developed and assembled by experienced engineers and highly qualified physicists. You can also purchase all the necessary components from us, get advice on the optimal choice of model and technical support.

Technical features of the device "Epishur-A SL"

  • High sorption capacity of filters, calculated on the real quality of the used gas, obtained when the gas cylinders are polluted by users as well as as a result of working processes in the boxes;
  • Independent heating of filters, allowing the use of different configurations of sorbents and catalysts depending on the type of gas to be purified;
  • The possibility of integration into the device of electronic sensors and sensors to control the degree of gas purification of the main impurities of pollution;
  • Automatic control system of the set parameters of the device operation modes;
  • A wide range of permissible pressure in the gas distribution system of the device - from vacuum to 5 MPa;
  • Regeneration of filters without disconnecting the device from the gas mains through an additional valve and outlet;
  • Effective filtration of gas from dust and other small particles up to 1 micron in size;
  • Large selection of connecting fittings, providing high tightness in all technological processes.

Operating principle

The multistage gas purification system used in Epishur-A SL is a combination of reagents based on Ti, Ca, CuO with sodium and calcium molecular sieves. The system provides consistent removal of all harmful impurities in the gas and deep purification to the level of 0.5 ppm of total pollution. The choice of filters used for this is determined by the technical conditions of the device and the type of gas to be purified:

  • Purification of hydrogen from oxygen is carried out by its catalytic hydrogenation;
  • To remove from oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen impurities from argon and other inert gases, the method of their chemisorption interaction with solid scavengers is used;
  • The process of drying the gases from the initially present and reactive moisture is realized through its adsorption on molecular sieves.

The restoration of filters is carried out using thermal gas with automatic regulation of temperature conditions. To do this, simply press a single button to start the regeneration mode.


To obtain ultrapure gases with a residual content of impurities at the level of ppb (billion-1) and ppt (trillion-1), Epishur-A SL can be equipped with finishing filters - catalytic regenerable and energy- independent purificators.

In gas circulation systems, Epishur-A SL are equipped with membrane pump - compressors. At the same time, continuous injection of gas flows and their mixtures in technologies using both overpressure and vacuum is ensured.

Main technical characteristics of modifications "Epishur-A SL"


Epishur-A 100 SL

Epishur-A 12 SL

Epishur-A 04 SL

Epishur-A 32 SL

 Epishur-A 21 (212; 204; 232) SL

Productivity, max l / min






Estimated inlet gas pollution level, ppm

≤ 50





The level of gas pollution at the outlet (basic design of the device), ppm

< 0,5

 < 0,5 by volume fraction of moisture

The level of contamination of the gas at the outlet (using filters finishing purification), ppt

<100 for H2O, O2, CO, CO2, H2 (for nitrogen and argon purifiers). Filtration from mechanical particles 0.003 microns


Filtration from mechanical particles, microns


(≥ 0,01 on request)


Time to get on operating mode, min.






Power consumption in operating mode, kW






Weight, kg





 Standard enclosures Epishur-A SL

Overall dimensions, mm

750x420x 320

730x590x 360




We are constantly striving to improve the devices "Epishur-A SL", creating more efficient, reliable in operation and easy-to-use models of gas purification equipment.


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