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Emission spectrometer «MSAII v5»

Optical emission spectrometer, manufactured by OOO "Spectral Laboratory", developed specifically for the correct analysis of the chemical composition of various metals and alloys during the technological process of smelting or after the release of finished products in metallurgical enterprises. This device is indispensable when a express result is needed for incoming inspection and evaluation of the grade composition of parts, industrial casting products, engineering products and goods from other industries. Digital registration of the spectrum allows to determine an unlimited number of elements such as Ni, Fe, Al, Ti, Mg, Cu, Pb, Co, Zn, Sn, etc.


5 reasons why buying our spectrometer is a reasonable choice:

  • the possibility of obtaining accurate and reliable results in any conditions: with interrupted power supply, unstable temperature, pressure, vibration.
  • adequate costs: the cost of the device is 1.5-2 times lower than the imported analogues, the cost of maintenance is low due to the availability of all components and the unique design, discounts on the purchase of additional equipment.
  • modern software that allows, in case of changes, to make new elements and materials.
  • The company's ideal reputation as the largest developer in Russia with the broadest client base.
  • well thought out cooperation mechanism: We not only sell, but also guarantee service for 12 years, provide active assistance in the implementation of the device in the work, training and consulting staff at all stages of the analysis.

Spectrometer "MSAII v5": description of the components and features of the blocks

- Optical system with brightener
Due to the increased radius of the Rowland circle (R = 500 mm) and the diffraction grating (2400 grooves/ mm), the device has the best spectral resolution among its analogues. Our developers managed to reduce the detection limits, get the purest possible spectrum without overlapping lines, compensate for astigmatism by optimizing optical circuits for using linear radiation receivers.
Temperature stability
The device is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations, due to using a stable platform made of special cast iron with a low coefficient of linear expansion and the use of the method of automatic spectrum profiling. Note the short preparation time for the analysis, the lower consumption of re-sampling samples, the ability of the embedded CCD detectors to register an unlimited number of channels, a simplified switching from one material to another.
- Argon system, discharge chamber and stand box
Carefully thought out configuration and the availability of a controller during analysis ensures a minimum consumption of argon - up to 4-4.5 l / min. Thus, the operation of the spectrometer becomes very profitable. The specific design of the discharge chamber protects it from fast contamination. Possible inclination of the sample is excluded due to reliable fixation of the position of the support bar of the holder.
- Source of excitation spectra
High stability of the main parameters is guaranteed, due to using the spark generator, the absence of auxiliary arresters. A convenient ignition system with a low level of electromagnetic radiation and an integrated power corrector have been developed.
- Systems for registration, management and processing of results
There is an optimized controller with a unique CCD scanning algorithm. The spectrometer is compatible with computers supporting operating systems WINDOWS 7 and higher.

Main characteristics of the MCAII v5 spectrometer

Polychromator №1 (175-410) nm (filled with argon) Paschen Runge scheme with astigmatism compensation with a radius of R = 500 mm, a cut-off grid of 2400 grooves/ mm, a reverse linear dispersion of 0.8 nm / mm
Polychromator additional 400-800 nm (optional) Paschen Runge scheme with astigmatism compensation with a radius of R = 150mm, a grid of 1800 grooves/ mm, a reverse linear dispersion of 0.55 nm / mm 2.4 nm / mm
Source of excitation spectra Spark СRL-discharge generator with controlled parameters of the discharge circuit of 256 modes, built-in power corrector, operating at a network voltage of 160-245 V.
Light receivers Toshiba CCD lines Number of 10 pcs, 3648 pixels each
Software Software for quantitative analysis of chemical composition, for qualitative analysis of materials by their spectrum, for automatic detection of the grade.
Stand box with argon purge
Stand box (Optional) Type UShT-4 for analysis of samples of any shape and size in air, as well as analysis of powders, ores, ferromaterials, geological samples.
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz operation from 180 to 240 V is possible
Dimensions and weight 400*530*708 mm ; 65 kg
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