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OOO "Spectral Laboratory"- a developer and manufacturer of professional equipment for the spectral analysis of metals and other materials

Research and production enterprise OOO "Spectral Laboratory" was established in 1992 in St. Petersburg by a group of specialists with long-term traditions in the development of optical, mechanical, electronic components and equipment, experience in the production of spectrometric equipment and a large research and development potential, to develop a new equipment for spectral analysis of the composition of metals and other materials.

The first significant development was the SL electronics for the mass replacement of traditional electronics in hundreds of domestic and imported spectrometers already produced, which had no analogues in Russia at that time in operation concept and reliability. For the first time in the domestic analytical instrument making, semiconductor switches were used instead of electromechanical relays, providing the same measurement accuracy of strong and weak intensities of spectral lines by the principle of dynamic signal accumulation.

The level of electronics and software offered by OOO Spectral Laboratory , at first as an exclusive, became a new Russian standard. A significant achievement was the development and continuous improvement of new sources of excitation for spectral analysis. Particularly successful was the source of IVS-500, which is currently developed in a universal version - a low-voltage and high-voltage spark, an arc, as well as the newest combined discharge (combining a single discharge and an arc - for analyzing small impurities, and a spark - for analyzing alloying elements)

Our new direction was the development of devices based on CCD rulers (charge-coupled devices). One of the first such devices was a photoelectron cassette for replacing photoplates in spectrographs.

At the next stage, we received a license to develop equipment and began to develop and produce separate units and full-fledged complete spectrometers. A notable achievement was the development of the first in Russia mobile emission spectrometer Minilab SL. Finally, the latest development and undoubted success was the development and production of the MSA desktop universal spectrometer.

Having gone from the manufacture of single samples to mass production, the company does not stop there. Today, OOO "Spectral Laboratory" is a young, dynamically developing research and production enterprise that confidently occupied its niche among the manufacturers of equipment for spectral analysis laboratories, has a stable consumer demand. By the beginning of 2008. about 500 spectrometers of the MFS, DFS series, a number of imported emission spectrometers with unique electronics of our production, dozens of home-developed spectrometers are successfully used in hundreds of enterprises in Russia and the CIS countries.

When supplying devices, we offer our customers a complete supply, including exclusive developments in sampling (the most advanced chill molds for obtaining representative metal samples), sample preparation (you can buy from us the only machine in Russia for precision surface preparation), we provide complete training in St. Petersburg and in the field. Having our own production base, modern machining stations and equipment, qualified implementers, machine operators make possible to quickly produce new devices and ensure production independence from external conditions, respond flexibly to the customers requirements, as well as maintain low prices for our devices. All devices are listed in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and are certified.

Having made a choice in favor of cooperation with our company, you will find a reliable business partner and supplier of the best samples of professional spectrometric equipment. We sincerely thank you for your orders, for your trust in us and look forward to long-term fruitful cooperation!

Director General of OOO "Spectral Laboratory", Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Oleg Grigorievich Toronov

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